About Us

Who we are.

We’re a Seattle based company that found its inspiration from ultra luxury destination clubs and our own travel lifestyle.

Like a lot of families, the dream of owning a vacation house was something we always worked towards, yet when the opportunity presented itself we quickly realized the mortgage and upkeep costs, the maintenance hassles and the inflexibility to travel to other locations (at least without feeling guilty about it) wasn’t something we wanted.

More and more, our travel accommodations were geared towards renting vacation houses instead of staying in hotels. Sometimes the vacation homes were great, other times, the cabin that looked great online ended up being an unfinished shed in an RV park (true story).

Our travel hassles made us look for an alternative; one that wouldn’t require us to spend hours researching vacation homes online and worrying about what we would find when we got there. We stumbled across ultra luxury destination clubs with their incredible vacation homes in the best destinations and a no hassle model – yet the six figure joining fee made it out of reach.

There had to be a similar vacation club, but on an affordable level. Out of frustration of not finding an affordable destination club, the opportunity to create one became all too clear.

What we do.

VacationHouse Destinations was created to make it easy and convenient to escape to a vacation home like it was your own. By building a vacation club that gives members a portfolio of beautiful vacation homes to select from, we offer freedom from countless hours researching that top-quality property; freedom from constant rental agreements; freedom from constant damage deposits and unexpected add-on charges and fees each time you feel like getting away. Vacations are supposed to be fun!

By creating relationships with select property owners, it allows us to provide our members with beautiful vacation homes that they would have trouble finding anywhere else.

Favorite destinations are chosen for those quick drive-to weekend getaways, as well as popular fly-to destinations for longer trips away from it all. Our properties are carefully reviewed before we accept them into the club, which means someone from our team has gone to the actual property and made sure the home meets our high standards.

We also continue to gather feedback throughout the year from members to make sure they are happy with the club properties. We want to make sure that every vacation home we showcase is comfortable, well maintained and in great destinations. As our member base grows, so will our portfolio of properties.

How we are different.

With a club model similar to luxury destination clubs, we make it simple to get away to vacation homes with all the flexibility of a nightly rental. VacationHouse Destinations is the first and only destination club to bring these two benefits together.

In addition, our club model allows members to take advantage of off-season rates within their membership plan, which no other destination club offers.

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