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Why settle for a standard hotel room?

Published: 09/15/09 Topics: Comments: -

Comfortable pillows, homemade meals and bedrooms big enough to walk across without tripping over furniture. If you thought these were pleasures you had to give up when you decided to do take a vacation, guess again!

Sleeping away from home doesn't have to mean enduring uncomfortable nights in drab, cramped hotel quarters. Chances are you'll find the services and amenities you're looking for at VacationHouse Destinations properties. And you’ll pay a lot less than you would at a standard hotel.

A few of the perks:
  • Comfortable rooms with individual character
  • A pleasant atmosphere for relaxing, working or being active
  • Locations in quiet neighborhoods, not busy commercial zones

Try staying at a vacation home – you won’t want to go back to a hotel room again. VacationHouse Destinations can help – contact us before you book your next reservation.

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