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VacationHouse Destinations Launches Trial by Night Promotion

(News Item #0321, Published: 03/09/07, Author: Tony Bacso, VacationHouseDestinations.com)

Vacationers can use the club properties for up to 7 nights with no commitment to join

SEATTLE, March 9, 2007 - VacationHouse Destinations, the first truly affordable destination club, today announced the launch of its Trial by Night Promotion, where vacationers can use the club properties for up to 7 nights with no obligation to join. This newly developed program will give people the opportunity to vacation as if they were members in this popular destination club, without a commitment to join.

We've had prospective members tell us that they want to try out the properties and see for themselves what it would feel like if they had a portfolio of vacation homes to getaway to whenever they wanted," said Tony Bacso, co-founder of VacationHouse Destinations. 'When someone joins the club, the only surprise we want them to have is how beautiful the homes are and how easy it is to use them."

The Trial by Night program will allow vacationers to use any of the club's properties on a nightly basis, up to a total of 7 nights. The $300 joining fee is waived, and the charge is a simple nightly fee of $169 and a minimal $50 cleaning fee for as many nights they want to use, up to a total of 7. This program hopes to provide vacationers with the experience of what it would be like to use vacation homes for spur-of-the-moment getaways or for longer retreats.

The goal of this promotion is to give people the opportunity to use the club properties and see if it's someplace they can see themselves enjoying," said Tony Bacso. 'This gives people the opportunity to vacation like our members do, without joining the club. If people don't agree that we have beautiful homes and the level of service we provide them is anything other then top-notch, then we're happy to give them information about other properties that are in the same area and price range so they can truly compare the value we provide versus finding homes online and not really knowing what you'll find when you get there."